Ever had a moment in life when something so small had a monumental impact on you?It could be a comment, a whisper, a line in a book.It was something that ignited a spark within you; that you could never forget.And these somethings are the births of dreams, the molding of characters.They are the beauties of life, and the quiet moments where life makes sense, amirite?

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What a beautified bag of bullshit.

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@What a beautified bag of bullshit.

way to be a coward and type that anonymously

True. I met a boy on vacation this summer and I thought we would keep in touch, and I really started to fall for him. Not only has he not spoken to me once, but he just untagged himself from the pictures i added to Facebook of us. I had no idea how much that would hurt me.

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Yup to me it was, give everything your 100%, no matter what it is. :P
Also, if I can't outsmart you, I will outwork you.

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wow your likem im thrive on insperation i have so many insperational quotes everywhere i think its the only thing stopping me from going insane

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