Its annoying when your favorite show constantly takes a break off air, right in the middle of the season, amirite?

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Glee does this a lot. SUPER annoying.

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Desperate Housewives...

tosh.0 :/

But may 17!!!!

South Park. :(

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I live in Australia and we are quiet behind with American tv shows, here they started the new season of Bones, then a few episodes in they started playing repeats!
And with Criminal Minds, they will show a few episodes of the current season, then go back a few seasons and play repeats and go back and forth...

Grey's Anatomy

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I think every TV show with standard 25-episode seasons does this. It's just the way TV networks air schedule their shows.

Lost. Oh my goodness. Ridiculous.

modern family

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pretty little liars

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Looks like I'm too late to say inb4 the shows that did that... Oh well

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