Miley Cyrus is actually really beautiful, amirite?

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She was pretty, until she turned raging out of control teenager and slutted herself up a bit. But yeah, she aint uggers.

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She's naturally pretty but occasionally does weird stuff with her makeup and clothes that make her look too fake and destroy her originally good looks.

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there's a reason you did that anonymously, amirite?

I don't find her face attractive, but her hair is gorgeous. It may be extensions, but I love it.

As far as whales go, yeah, shes pretty attractive.

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Eh, she's okay. She doesn't have a very interesting face, I know about 10 people who look like her.

Yeah,well if we were all famous and were able to afford all the types of makeup and surgery, i'm sure we'd all look pretty.

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@1216579 (xoxSophiexox): Yeah, and i'm stating that all famous people can be pretty with all the money they have.

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@1216595 (xoxSophiexox): (:

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@1216617 (xoxSophiexox): Naw, no sarcasm was intended. Just didn't know what to say back so I thought the smiley would end things just right. Aha, sorry. I'm just weird $: <

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I can be paranoid over little things. I am not going lie. Even when like i'm talking to someone & it takes like a minute to respond, i'm like: "OH NO YOU DIDN'T, someone's ignoring me!". But, i'm sure I would have too. Sarcasm can be sometimes hard to identify on here.

Going only off of what she looks like, and not how she acts, yes.

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I'm not trying to tease you, just wondering

even if she was pretty (maybe she should take off the five layers of makeup, hair die, extension, and dress age appropriately) people genuinely start to "hate on" someone if they make a bad name for themself. Miley Cyrus can do whatever she wants and film as many suggestive videos as she wants...wait no, she's a disney, and maybe it would be okay if she wasn't. I am a teenager, and I like her for a good couple of years until she changed. You don't see as mnay people hating on hilary duff, taylor swift, dakota fanning, raven simone, brenda song, not even selena gomez who sings now. Why? These people have not spoiled their names with scandal!

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oh I didn't mean to be a jackkass just wondering because a lot of people would be embarrased

Again, this is one of those posts where you can't be wrong. Whatever or whomever you find attractive is up to you and whatever anyone else says is really insignificant to all but themselves. Since you asked though, I do find her looks appealing.

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mhmmm. she's hot.

fuck you.

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I wouldn't call her "really beautiful" but... She's OK looking :)

(xoxSophiexox): I'm sorry. I don't remember calling her ugly. BTW, I don't think she's "really beautiful," either.

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I voted YYA purely because to me everyone is beautiful (or at least mildly attractive even if I wouldn't date them) some way or another in my opinion. Unless they have a bad personality THEN they become ugly to me.

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(xoxSophiexox): Don't worry. I wasn't referring to your post, rather to the original post by ChelseaNicoleOlsen. I think that whether people know it or not, someone's personality subliminally affects the way people see them. More people would be willing to admit she was pretty if they didn't disapprove of her lifestyle so much.

(xoxSophiexox): I'm just saying that beauty is inside AND out. This could explain people's reluctance to call her beautiful. That, or they really just don't agree she is. Out of the the more thatn 200 NWs, some of them might be haters, some of them might not think she is beautiful, and a few may be basing their vote on the fact that they think her beauty does not run inside out. It may not be the right way to judge, but people still do it. I can't tell you why that is.

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