Why do so many girls think it's so cute to put a <3 after everything they write. Thunderstorms <3, amirite?

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Just got hit by a car lol <3

Anonymous +70Reply

"funeral <3"

My sister ate my cat <3 lolol

Anonymous +42Reply

This post is, like, so truue !(: <3

i just ran over a hobo and shot my mother in the face. heading to jail<3

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hahah profile pic + comment win.

ladygagamonsters avatar ladygagamonster Yeah You Are +18Reply

i hate my self <3

Boxwomans avatar Boxwoman Yeah You Are +31Reply

Penis <3
Wait, that actually makes sense.

Anonymous +30Reply

Genocide <3

Got a bad case of the shits <3

HastyCroissants avatar HastyCroissant Yeah You Are +28Reply
@HastyCroissant Got a bad case of the shits <3

That actually made me laugh outloud.

Hitler <3

Anonymous +26Reply

<3 picked up my dog's poop <3

just bought some tampons<3

bagel_like_a_rosss avatar bagel_like_a_ross Yeah You Are +21Reply

Kinda like saying "lol" - it's ok to say horrible things as long as you add it at the end of the sentence. Also, you're ugly and I hate you <3.

Bardagis avatar Bardagi Yeah You Are +20Reply

Getting my tooth pulled <3

Stepharoos avatar Stepharoo Yeah You Are +19Reply


Doing your mom <3

A strange man killed my family and now I'm hiding in my closet I hope he doesn't find me <3

i feel like such a bad person after laughing at some of these comments <3

Anonymous +16Reply

Just beat up the hooker that I had to hire because I can't get a real girlfriend <3

SanctuaryExiles avatar SanctuaryExile Yeah You Are +15Reply

osama <3

smileysarah99s avatar smileysarah99 Yeah You Are +15Reply

Ran out on my pimp... Hope he doesn't rape my mom.! <3

Anonymous +14Reply

puppy mills<3

ladygagamonsters avatar ladygagamonster Yeah You Are +12Reply

I'm so sick. Shouldn't have eaten that clam chowder. <3

hahahahahah one of my friends status was actually 'thunder <3' today

I just puked up my lunch all over the floor and stepped in it on accident. <3

Snapewards avatar Snapeward Yeah You Are +10Reply

just saying..."thunderstorms" constitutes a <3.

Just decapitated my baby brother <3

taherDRFTs avatar taherDRFT Yeah You Are +9Reply

scratching my butt <3

spidermanams avatar spidermanam Yeah You Are +9Reply

My whole family just died in a tragic car accident <3

Anonymous +8Reply

Mass murder <3


Sergs avatar Serg Yeah You Are +7Reply

Thanks you.
This post <3

Chipss avatar Chips Yeah You Are +6Reply

I have no future because I waste all my time trying to look cool by doing things like this and taking a million pictures of myself that I think look good, but in reality, I'm ugly <3

strawberryjams avatar strawberryjam Yeah You Are +6Reply

Inorite? I don't see how something being less than three makes it any cuter.

Anonymous +5Reply

poop <3

its not just girls....

taherDRFTs avatar taherDRFT Yeah You Are 0Reply
@Palindromes_Are_Fun It is.

lol some guys do it too..its even stupider.

taherDRFTs avatar taherDRFT Yeah You Are 0Reply
@taherDRFT lol some guys do it too..its even stupider.

No guy in the history of the universe ever put a <3 after saying something.
That didn't count.


Anonymous 0Reply

brain damaged girls maybe they are the only ones you know

boys are so annoying <3

Anonymous -1Reply

This post doesn't mean write a million comments doing it!

tea_s avatar tea_ Yeah You Are -17Reply
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