My oldest approached me today, and told me he was feeling suicidal. I said, "Hang in there, son," and pointed to the spare room, amirite?

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I cant believe how hard i laughed at this...I'm going to hell..

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for all we know, his 'oldest' may not even be his actual son

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I don't see how this is an opinion. Usually people on this site blow up when someone posts something that's not a yes/no question. Frankly, this isn't that good of a joke and I don't understand why it hasn't been removed

@MissAlwaysRite I don't see how this is an opinion. Usually people on this site blow up when someone posts something that's not a...

It was okay to post jokes that didn't fit in amirite context back in 2011, they even added a category for it.

I don't understand why this got homepaged. I'm not offended by the content of the post but the fact that it's not a question. I've had a lot of post removed for not being questions because they were just jokes and somehow this slipped through. I've even had questions removed for (apparently) not being questions. There is some serious bullshit going on behind the curtains of this site.

I started reading this smiling expecting a joke then I read it, got confused for a second then my :D turned to :C... It's still hilarious though, just a tad bit evil.

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I feel so ashamed for laughing.

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That's horrible.

I don't even have to check, from the wording and non-amirite style I know this was stolen from sickepedia. Originality people!

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@YeahIAm You can't just claim it was stolen without actually proving it...

As a matter of fact I actually went on sickepedia to check and found it down the list of top jokes in 2011. This post was made late 2011

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This post made me realise how sheltered Amirite is. If this joke was on some of the other websites I go on, nobody would feel bad for laughing.

@That's your problem not ours. Having compassion is good

Never said it was anyone's problem, bud. And you can still have compassion while laughing at something that you know is only a joke.

Dear god, i HOPE this is a joke

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@justaskme Dear god, i HOPE this is a joke

Of course it's a joke.
Really what he did was stab his son in the throat.