Everyone in your close friend group is white and heterosexual, amirite?

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Not because of a bias. It just turned out that way.

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Being gay myself, do you really think I would have that bias? Also, the school I go to is over 90% Caucasian, and the majority of my friends are from my school. Honestly, just because you're a racist homophobe doesn't mean everyone else is.

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It's not impossible - the majority of people are heterosexual and depending where a person lives, the majority of people might be white.

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I'm white, and my best friend is, but then I have three asian friends, an indian friend, a gay friend, and an asian girlfriend. And my school only has about 6 asian people, soooo

My best friend's half Asian.

I don't think I have any white friends...

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My best friend is adopted from China

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