Phones have trends too! First it was flip, then full keyboards and now touch screens!! amirite?

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Someone's excited about this idea.

.... Why are you screaming at me?

This isn't all that ground-breaking.


Sergs avatar Serg Yeah You Are +12Reply

Oh my! You're correct! This is very true!!1

Vitaes avatar Vitae Yeah You Are +11Reply

Honestly, you're making your point VERY clear. I can't imagine why you think you would need that many exclamation marks...

colettes avatar colette Yeah You Are +10Reply

Practically everything has trends.

@rilara Practically everything has trends.

Exactly. You used to pay a reasonable amount of money for a nice pair of jeans.

Now you pay triple that for a pair that has already been destroyed.

This made me laugh.

Would you like some fries with that enthusiasm?

Calm down.

Jennitalias avatar Jennitalia Yeah You Are +3Reply

You forgot about slider phones. D:

Normas avatar Norma Yeah You Are +3Reply

Next come 3D phones

@MrNoWay Next come 3D phones

shit! That would be awesome!

TheSexyWaffles avatar TheSexyWaffle Yeah You Are 0Reply
@TheSexyWaffle shit! That would be awesome!

They have one!! HTC makes it I think and it's on the sprint network.

Yeah!!!!! You're totally right!!!!!! Isn't it amazing??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

qwerty123s avatar qwerty123 Yeah You Are +2Reply

Touchscreens are shit.

I still like flips. Makes me feel safer, like I know I won't butt-dial anyone.

Asteriskis avatar Asteriski Yeah You Are 0Reply
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