Girls: Why can't they make silent pad and tampon wrappers, amirite?

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soon as the handdryer is on I'm ripping it open like "oh god oh god oh god they heard oh god oh god"

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Amen sister!

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Oh great so I'm not lonely.

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they do make silent tampn rappers?

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@they do make silent tampn rappers?

That's odd. Who would buy a CD with someone rapping about silent tampns?

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Why can't girls understand that if they're in a public bathroom the only one who would hear would be women who also get a period. Everyone knows that if you're a girl you get a period. Hell, I'll walk down the hall holding a tampon if I don't wanna take my purse to the bathroom. Periods aren't embarrassing. Get over it and grow up.

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So getting your period is like taking a giant bloody shit out of your vagina? Yeah, don't think so. Just open your god damn tampon and get over yourself. No one thinks anything if they hear you open a wrapper.

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