You're not really scared that the world will end on 12/21/2012...You're just scared of what crazy things people will do on that day, amirite?

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There's gonna be another baby boom 9 months after.

And in a few days, people will start doing crazy shit for the 5-21 thing :/

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@Big_Boss And in a few days, people will start doing crazy shit for the 5-21 thing :/

I had completely forgot about that until JUST NOW. Stop reminding people =) goes back to paranoia

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@528491 what's 5-21?

It'd the rapture. I'm pretty sure it's the second coming of Jesus. It's supposed to cause a huge earthquake and the apocalypse and we're all going to actually die in October. I think.

@528491 what's 5-21?

It's a story how all the non-Christian people on Earth will die. Or something like that.

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The few months preceding the 2012 incident will consist of two groups. People panicking to "get right" with God, and people doing all the things they never got to do. Teenage pregnancies, anyone?

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I have never really thought of that... I gotta get out of town.

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Damn... I never thought of that...

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I shall be blasting this at 11:55

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i'm listening to love 2012 by 3oh!3 right now. loves me the coincidences!

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