People are always getting your pet's genders wrong. It's always like, "Oh, look at your alpaca, she is SO CUTE!", and then there's that awkward moment where you feel like a nag, and are all like, "Um, it's a guy." And after that, they still get it wrong. amirite?

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That always happens with my dog. Everyone thinks he's a she.

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@SuperFastJellyFish Alpaca?

What, you don't have an alpaca; I thought everyone did. Weird. :S

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@SuperFastJellyFish Oh, you're talking about the alpaca I hide in my basement!

There we go!
I always take mine out on Thursdays for a lovely stroll through the park, it's a grand ol' time.

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Yeah. Everyone confuses my pet bee for a 'she' when its a 'he'. Even after I say HIS name is Bumble.

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