Whether or not you support homosexuality, calling someone "gay" or a "fag" as in insult is immature and can be offensive, amirite?

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Can be, yes. But usually people get way too puffed up about it.

Insults are supposed to be offensive. And you could say insulting at all is immature

Oops, typo. I should have put, ..."as an insult..." instead of "as in insult."
But to Totobean and Kluklayu, I don't really support homosexuality, but I had just heard someone call someone a fag and it sounded really mean. Yeah, insults are supposed to be offensive and everything, but when you offend someone because of their personal beliefs, I think that is taking it too far.

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I call people fag all the time. It's not because I wanna insult their beliefs, it's because I wanna insult them. Yeah, it's immature, but I've never once claimed to be mature.

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