The name "Marisa" could've come about when a Japanese person tried to say "Melissa". amirite?

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I have a Japanese friend named marissa :P

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Was it just me that thought 'MARISSA!' in my head in a highly stereotypical, possibly from southpark accent?....Yes, I'm ashamed..

Definitely had to look twice when I saw my name on an amirite post...haha.

Gah... no. That's my name. It's derived from Latin. Nothing against Japanese people or the country's history, but a large portion of my friends are anime-obsessed while I don't see the appeal, and I've gotten sick of hearing everything constantly be "Japan-this" and "Japan-that."

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@YuZ it's a joke. you know that, right?

I know it's a joke. But it still makes me want to bang my head up against a wall.

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