Screw holding hands; God created the space between your fingers for holding cigarettes and fingering girls, amirite?

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You finger girls with the spaces in between your fingers? Clever man.

Shakespeare? is that you?

holding hands is the one thing that can bring you closer to a girl without being sexual, its nice to hold hands and walk

Screw cigarettes.

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Nope I also find this hilarious XD

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actually god gave guys hands so they could work to bring home money for their wife

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@amongst other things...

Always true... But it's primarily for cooking (cooking includes making sandwiches).

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Well. Jesus agreed.

Obvious troll is obvious.

Approval gained.

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AHAHAHAHAHAHA...You're so romantic<3.

How uh... How do you finger a girl with the SPACES between your fingers?

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Yeah, I always that was impossible but I guess if your cool enough to finger her with the space in your fingers. Have fun.

This is the best OP ever. although I only plan to smoke once on my eighteenth birthday, I love that last option.

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So does that mean Christians can't have sex? I'm confused.

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Just because he said god doesn't mean it's christian. Not all people who believe in god are christian. Other religions believe in him/her/them/it too.

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Is@1282119 (Anonymous): "Not a sentence." Is a fragment.

Fail your fucktard.

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Ugh. That is fuckin' disgusting. Get the fuck off here. I don't care how many people won't like what I'm saying. And please continue being a hypocrite but not on the internet. Aren't you just proud of your post too since your username is "I'm Romantic". Bitch, just get the fuck off.

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