Public toilets are cleaned more often and probably used less than the majority of people's own toilets, yet somehow they are still the most unsanitary places on earth, amirite?

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I guess, but I mean, depending on the amount of people who live in your house, and taking into account that most people would never use a public toilet unless they were desperate, and obviously depending on what kind of place the toilet was in, it's difficult to say for sure.

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Because everyone sits on their extremely dirty home toilets then everyone goes and sits on one public toilet combining all the dirtiness from their own toilets.

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I'm imagining a bathroom in an office building w/like 10 stalls btw.

It may not work if I picture a highway CITGO.

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Cleaned more often?

@Alexus Cleaned more often?

They scrub them at the VERY least once a day.

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@mchristie They scrub them at the VERY least once a day.

95% of public toilets I've seen are always disgustingly dirty. Must be the organisation in my country.

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