The great thing about escalators is that they are never out of order. They just turn into stairs. Instead of putting a sign that says "Escalator Temporarily Out Of Order", we should just put "Escalator Temporarily Stairs", amirite?

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So sorry for the convenience.

The mall in my town completely blocks it off as if the steps have turned to acid and the mall cops have to stand there so nobody uses them.

At least give credit where it's due, unoriginal faggot

Mitch Hedberg's best joke IMO.

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@Shugah Mitch Hedberg's best joke IMO.

I'm glad somebody got that reference. That man was a funny funny person.

ok, SERIOUSLY? So, amirite mods of whomever not only allow plagarism, they also allow plagarism of plagarism? No offense op. This joke did make me smile. I'm just irritated that stuff myself and other friends have posted gets deleted for having been previously posted. This exact joke has been posted far more than once, yet it's never an issue? Please explain.

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Maybe its broken?

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