Society teaches "Don't get raped" rather than "don't rape" amirite?

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At my college they required us to go to this presentation by a woman who had been raped in college, where she talked about the rape. Her point of the presentation, she told us, was to not only prevent people (mainly girls) from becoming victims, but also to force the guys to listen and know how traumatic rape is. I don't really know if there's a way to teach not to rape, since some people really are sick.

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yeah, but some people are really fucking sick, do you really think they would listen? "society" only tries to teach girls how to prevent it, like never walking alone at night, or to tell a family member or a friend if someone is touching you or making comments about how they want to touch you and you don't want to... things like that. Because you think that rapists don't know its bad? That rape is a crime? of course they know.

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@annie yeah, but some people are really fucking sick, do you really think they would listen? "society" only tries to teach...

It's not so much that they don't listen, as that they're messed up in the head. A person that will rape another human is screwed up in the head, so yes it is pointless to try to teach someone otherwise if they already intended to do it.

So weird, I never really noticed that before. But it kind of make sense, since there will always be rapists no matter how hard you try to prevent it, so the best form of defense is making sure everyone can protect themselves from getting raped as best as possible.

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brilliantly said!

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Makes it sound like they teach guys that rape is okay.

I've never been taught anything about rape, so I don't really know...

Both are important, anyway.


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You can't teach something like that. That's like teaching 'Don't be clinically depressed' or 'Don't be a pedophile'. It's common sense to us, but the mentality of a man (or woman...) who rapes someone is messed up, just like someone who is clinically depressed or bipolar or a pedophile or a sociopath. You can't teach a man how NOT to be screwed up in the head. Telling them that rape is bad and traumatizing is not going to stop them from raping a girl, if they were planning to do it anyway. It's a mental issue that needs to be addressed, not an educational program that needs to be instituted.

Rapists are just people hired by your parents to make sure you listened.

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Does it? Or is that what the "funny" kids teach?

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