There's a brief moment of panic when you're sitting in class daydreaming and you think you're being called on because the teacher says a word that sounds similar to your name, amirite?

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Justin is such a horrible name to have because I always think a teacher is calling on me when they say "just" or "justice" or something like that.

Or if there's a kid with the same name as you....

StarGazers avatar StarGazer Yeah You Are +9Reply

My names Paige. So when the teacher says turn to page 50... My names definitely the suckiest

Paigeperkkks avatar Paigeperkkk Yeah You Are +9Reply

My name is Ashley and it sounds like someone is calling me whenever they say "actually"

Then there's another bried mooment of panic wwhen they actually do call on you.

My names Adam. I get scared every two minutes in chemistry, when the teachers says atom.

AdamJs avatar AdamJ Yeah You Are +6Reply

English class, when they tell you to use MLA format for your papers. I mean, as much as it already sucks to be named Emily...

OHdarlings avatar OHdarling Yeah You Are +2Reply

My name sounds similar to "mom" and "wrong", both of which produce awkward and annoying situations.

Ram27s avatar Ram27 Yeah You Are +1Reply

While nothing sounds like Dominique- whenever anyone says anything starting with dom: dominant, dominican republic etc I get that moment of panic.

deeviants avatar deeviant Yeah You Are +1Reply

or wen theres a sub and you and someone else have the same name but said differently and they come later in the alphebet......

Anonymous +1Reply

Jackie and Jacket...or if there is a guy named "Jack" I'll usually respond. Is that just me?

Anonymous 0Reply

There's also the awkward moment when you're in the halls and think you hear your name. I tend to look whenever someone says "okay"

Katydids avatar Katydid Yeah You Are 0Reply

my name is maya so whaenever anyone says "my, uh...' i think they're talking to me.

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