In every school, there's that one janitor that everyone thinks is cool and befriends, amirite?

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Anyone remember gordy from ned's declassified?

@Detective Anyone remember gordy from ned's declassified?

I love that guy!!
Thats who I thought about when I read this!!

In my school, that janitor went to prison my senior year because he was writing love notes to a 7th grader and putting them in her locker :/

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Sadly, not at my school, but we had a psycho cafeteria man that everyone hated.

Sad Story Time!
There was this one janitor we had that was so nice, always helped, and everyone thought was amazing. The school was going to have an assembly for him. We were all gathered in the gym when it got called off. Turns out, He had a heart attack and passed away minutes before arriving. Now, whenever that school has assemblies, there is this weird white shadow in every picture taken of the stage in the gym.

It's so strage..

We had a man named Mr. Fox in elementary school. Now there's just Janta Claus, a huge, bearded man who always rides the floor waxer.

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@tyreeshajones Mr. Willy!

hehe smilie

Wow. I need to mature.

This is not exactly a janitor, but there was this guy who was always at the chicken bar in the lunch line. He was lovingly called "the chicken guy."

But one of my friends always visited the janitor in the girls bathroom during 4th period. They became good friends by the end of the year...


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@Choochootrain Tim!

Do you happen to go to Olmsted Falls highschool?

and there's usually that one janitor who looks kind of like Jesus

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Nope. That's not the case at my school.
They're all just creepy. And getting fired because our school board is retarded!!

On TV, yes.

There was one like that in primary school. I can't remember his name though. Something with a C.

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Nah, but we do have a police-type dude named Marquee (not sure of the spelling) who everybody loves. Even the smokers and potheads, ironically...

No but we have two "security guards" who everyone likes for the most part. They mostly just monitor the lunches to make sure nobody does anything too stupid.

All the janitors at my school were students except for one or two, and they weren't cool.


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