All in all how most people treated Rebecca Black was terrible, telling a 13 year old girl to cut herself and die, yeah the song was bad but she was just a girl living her dream. People today are just jackasses, amirite?

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She didn't even write the song.

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The song was terrible, the Autotune was badly done, but overall I just feel sorry for her.

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@It would be sad if she really believes she can sing.

Believe it or not, she can sing really well without all the autotune shit /:

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@It would be sad if she really believes she can sing.

Look up Rebecca Black Good Morning America she is a really good singer.

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e.g. Ryan Dunn, R.I.P.

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lolwut smilie

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No, Black deserved it for being a horrible singer and fantasizing that she actually sounded good, she sucked ass and should have her vocal chords cut out.

Lol, you got it backwards and upside down. Rebecca black told her "haters" to cut themselves and die on....good morning america I think. Not the other way around. Besides, if she didn't want the harsch crticism of reality, she shouldn't of tried to jump in the fame pool prematurely.

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