Whenever people draw little cartoons or little faces, they always seem to name them Fred or Bob or Billy Bob Joe or something along those lines, amirite?

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Usually the case for me, unless I'm with my best friend. Then it's Dan. There's a whole joke behind it.

Cydonias avatar Cydonia Yeah You Are 0Reply

I named a lot of those drawings "Phillip Joe Bob ||" and so on down the line. I think my friend started "Phillip Joe Bob" a while back, actually.

Indeeds avatar Indeed Yeah You Are 0Reply

Fabio :)

Draco_Malfoys avatar Draco_Malfoy Yeah You Are 0Reply

Billy Bob Joe Fred Sally George III...

I name mine "Gilbert" or "Lucifer" or "Harold." Yeah that's right, fancy names, bow down to me!

not meeeeeeee

tea_s avatar tea_ No Way -1Reply
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