It's kind of messed up that there are starving children in the world, and of all people, Timmy Turner, a kid with a mean babysitter and parents who aren't home much, gets fairy god parents, amirite?

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You're right! It's almost like it's... a cartoon show!

Who said some of them didn't have Fairy God Parents?

Let's not forget that he's also a loser in school.

"im happy and i dont need god-parents anymore"

She also tried to kill him on a regular basis, and hell, remmy bucksaplenty got godparents just because his parents didn't pay attention to him.

But everything they would wish for would go wrong.
Jan: "I wish for food."
Jan then gets stomped to death by an elephant.

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Maybe we all had them. We just had our memories wiped by jorgen vonstrangle. Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo (deja vu music)

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Starving humans keeps the population down. Less people means more available jobs. More people mean barely jobs. Think of all the people who starved. Now imagine if they were alive stealing your jobs. They'll be climbing in your windows snatching jobs up. So hide your kids and hide your rife.

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