People say sex and love are different. Sex is a part of love, and love is a part of life, amirite?

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Atoms are part of molecules, and molecules are part of elements. That doesn't mean Atoms and Molecules aren't different. IMO, you didn't really prove your point there.

Sex is part of life... Better get started.

Sex is not a part of love. Some people in love wait a long time to have sex. Some people have sex with no feelings for who they're screwing. Sex /=/ love

Your way of thinking is what makes young girls have sex before they're ready so their boyfriends will love them.

I love my mom. That's why I screw her. And my Brother. And my friends. And my friendly librarian. And that guy I think I like, but in a few years I'll realize what a tool he is.

@dewdrop123 you know what kind of love im talking about

No, please enlighten me. I don't see why there can't be a healthy and loving relationship without sex. I don't see why you make it sound like there has to be love for there to be sex.

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