Separation of Church and State is a myth. Because of closed minded Christians gays can't marry and there are several hate crimes going unnoticed. amirite?

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Wow. You're dumb. The politicians are mostly Christian. Comparing two unlike things like this is ignorance. Gays marrying is different than a human marrying an animal or an old man marrying a young girl. So no, you are definately not well educated. You are a brainwashed ignorant fool.

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Yeh ok, people might use that excuse but most of the time people who want to marry animals are thought to have an illness. Men who marry young girls is just pedophilia because the child is to young to even know if they're in love. Also people that are planning on marrying their relatives are taking a risk on having children with a disorder because of the closeness they're parents have. But when people are gay, they can be any age. They can be mature enough to know what love is or not have any mental disorders. And yes it is just plain ingorant comparing the two.

*Their. Sorry about any errors. I'm only young but atleast I know I'm right about this.

Why does everyone think that it is Christians' fault that gay marriage is illegal? I know that many of us are opposed to it, but most religions are. And don't call anyone close-minded. I am sure that almost 100% of religious people have at some point wondered if there really is God or if He is just made up. And believe me, its scary to start thinking that when you've been raised believing there is a god. I've got through stages of months when I'm not really sure and I think long and hard about it. I think about the logic behind it and wonder if my religion can be true. I've thought about not believing in God. I have questioned my faith and wondered if other religions are right, or none of them at all are right. Most religious people have. We are not close-minded. We've entertained the idea that we are wrong. We have open enough minds to think about it and think about if we're wrong or right. You have no place to stand saying that Christians are close-minded.

@chocolatecakeisbad Why does everyone think that it is Christians' fault that gay marriage is illegal? I know that many of us are...

I'm going to be a little bit judgmental here and I apologize for that, but from my standpoint it seems like most athiests look for reasons that God doesn't exist than for reasons that God does exist. It seems like when those "open-minded" people think about God at all, they aren't really trying to find him. They're trying to disprove him. That makes athiests more close-minded than alot of religious people.

you don't realize the point he's trying to get across, do you? -_-

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marriage is a political arrangment. You can be married by a judge, not just a priest. Christians are not to blame for the lack of gay marriage. You're only trying to pin it on them. The government decides who can marry who, and with good reason.

If the government allowed gay marriage, then the next thing you know, first cousins will want to get married and will use the allowance of gay marriage as a crutch and an example to get their way. After that, there will be men in their 30's and older who want to married 14 and 15 year old girls, who will use gay marriage and incest as a crutch and an example to get their way as well. Soon, it will be furries wanting to marry animals using the other three as crutches and examples.

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