Pandas are fat. I’m fat. Therefore I am a panda. amirite?

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Your logic sucks.

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@Your logic sucks.

You're just jelly that you aren't a panda ;o

CarmelFuzzys avatar CarmelFuzzy Yeah You Are -1Reply
@CarmelFuzzy You're just jelly that you aren't a panda ;o

No. Why the hell would I want to be a panda?

Anonymous +2Reply
@CarmelFuzzy Why are you asking me?

You need to learn the definition of a rhetorical question.

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I am male. Hitler was male.

Oh shit I'm in trouble.

Vitaes avatar Vitae No Way +2Reply

If your proflie picture is actually you, you aren't really fat. Although, I think you would look way better without all that makeup on your eyes.

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