Vinyl furniture was a great idea. Who wouldn't love a sofa that's cold in the winter, hot in the summer, and attempts to bond with your skin every time you sit still for more than a minute, amirite?

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That reminds me of one of my favorite comedian's acts about bean bag chairs:
"You know how people really love sitting on beans?"
"No... but go on."
"Well, we could make a chair filled completely with beans. Then we could make it vinyl so in the summer it would still to your legs when you wore shorts."
"...Do you even work here?"

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I hate vinyl furniture. My opinion of course, but ohmygod it's COLD when you don't wanna be cold and it's HOT when you're already hot. It's pretty horrible in my mind, and I think it's tacky looking. Again my opinion :)

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I get the joke I was just sayin

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@caitowin I get the joke I was just sayin

I made a joke, and you got it, and said that you agreed with it, and yet you voted me down? What do I have to do to get a YYA out of you, balance a bowling pin upside-down on my head while walking across water?

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Haha oh well I'm on my Palm Pixi phone I didn't mean to vote you down it's just the mobile version is annoying. I'll fix it :)

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