You're suddenly everyone's friend when you bring food to school. Amirite?

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That, or gum.

@LolVoldemortsNipples That, or gum.

I used to have an empty pack of gum to always have the excuse of "sorry, that was the last one!"

@LolVoldemortsNipples That, or gum.

@notmuchnotmuch: Dude, why weren't you in my classes? I was handing out free gum because I felt bad for saying "No" to people. sigh

@EpicBoy: Now that's just genuine.

Food, gum, or coffee/an energy drink.

We have this chick in my class who like brings in gummy bears, brownies, milkshakes, EVERYTHING. Of course they're not allowed but she hides them in her bag and everytime she has something we all whisper "Cambria has food!" and then she passes it to people like she's passing weed or something.

I love baking, so I sometimes bring cake in when things get boring to brighten people's day.

I don't get it, is it an American thing or something but where I go to school, EVERYONE brings food, and there is no prohibition on any type..?

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