Watching television is for ignorant, fat Americans, amirite?

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Ahhh, gotta love the smell of an obvious troll post.

Troll!! In the Dungeon!! Troll!!! Thought you ought to know...

obvious troll is obvious

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If you truly mean that, you haven't a clue about America. Not EVERYONE is obese here. The ones that are, we like to poke with sticks.
If it's a troll post on the other hand, then congrats, because that's pretty awesome.

Obvious troll. Some americans don't have computers or newspapers, so they watch TV for the news.

Hehehe. You've just been T-rolled...

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Then I must be a fat ignorant American because I like tv.

Ignorant means not knowing of something, even though this is a troll post, you still should use the right words in context.

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Thai people watch the most tv

Stereotyping is for stupid, pussy Europeans who need to be saved in war (twice).

Oh man, ignorant, fat AND American? How insulting.

so it using the computer.... darn, sucks for you, ignorant fatty

I'm assuming you watch a lot of tv then

No, it's for old people.

You have no room to speak, seeing how you obviously don't know what ignortant means.

This comment was deleted by its author.

I can tell from your picture that you're in denial.

@phenomenon I can tell from your picture that you're in denial.

Why would you say that? This had nothing to do with my picture.

No! It's for their children:P

Not really. They just do it the most.

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