Daniel Radcliffe might be attractive if you haven't watched the Harry Potter movies, but if you have seen them he just looks weird because he's not wearing glasses, amirite?

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In my opinion, he looks better with the glasses than without.

I feel the same way about Taylor Lautner. My little brothers loved that Sharkboy and Lava Girl movie, so now I just can't see him as hot. I always see Sharkboy.

I didn't watch any of the later movies until recently, and all I could think of was how short he is.

He's cute with glasses.
Weird without glasses.

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He's unattractive either way

I saw a youtube video of him singing the periodic table of elements song in an interview. I don't care if he's wearing glasses or not, that's freakin' hot.

He used to be cute, but he looks nasty now

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