After the Harry Potter series is over Daniel Radcliffes career is pretty much screwed, amirite?

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You'd figure being in a popular series like Harry Potter would make it easier to get roles and people to go see your movies.

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He's starring in "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" on Broadway right now...

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@From someone who's actually seen the show?

Yeah, my eldest cousin thought he was a pretty annoying actor and he seemed pretty bad from the videos Ive seen.

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He's set anyway. He's a millionaire or something. No need to work.

He's a good actor but the thing is, no one will be able to see /him/. They'll only look at him as Harry Potter.

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He's on broadway, and he played in Equius (spelling?) as well. He has enough money to keep him going for a hell of a long time anyway and he's acting on stage still. To be honest he's a good actor and I'm sure he'll get a lot of roles as millions of Harry Potter fans will like him too.

He'll do well, in my opinion.

My friend went and saw his new broadway show and said he was extremely good. According to interviews I've seen, they always said that Daniel was the most entergetic and animated person on set. So I believe he has a very successful broadway career ahead of him. My friend also showed me a video of him on broadway and his voice was amazing and he can actually dance very very well. So I have no idea where you're coming from. He has a future in musical theatre.

@InsertUsernameHere My friend went and saw his new broadway show and said he was extremely good. According to interviews I've seen...

I saw a clip of it on the Tony's, and he is a great dancer and does the enunciation for musical theatre perfectly. And he has good stage presence.

What kind of producers are going to want an actor who has starred in 8 award winning films? You're right, it's in the crapper.

he's been in some other stuff like Equis (probably spelled that wrong) also.

Uhm, December boys?

He has around £48 million, so it really does not matter if he can't find anywhere to work.

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Kinda like most of the careers of the actors that played in lord of the rings, star wars, and star trek were destroyed.

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@Patrick Stewart's still going strong. And Ian McKellan.

I said most of them. and what of the others?

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@Jonesy I said most of them. and what of the others?

orlando bloom, harrison ford, sean bean, william shatner, viggo mortensen, liv tyler, zoe saldana, anton yelchin...

@Jonesy I said most of them. and what of the others?

A lot of them have done other big things, that may or may not have still be going. Orlando Bloom did POTC, Harrison Ford did Indiana Jones, Sean Bean's in the Game of Thrones, Viggo Mortensen did The Road recently, Hugo Weaving did the Matrix films, and is still doing plenty of other things. Cate Blanchett did Elizabeth, Christopher Lee's been in a few things recently, John Rhys Davies was in Indana Jones too. And James Earl Jones has done plenty.
I don't know if you're counting the Prequel Star Wars movies, but Ewan McGreggor's still doing plenty, and Liam Neeson, Natalie Portman, Kira Knightly, Samuel L Jackson. That enough people for you?

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The Woman in Black, Horns, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, The Cripple of Inishmaan, Kill Your Darlings, Tokyo Vice, The F Word, and two seasons of A Young Doctor's Notebook. You were saying? (Also, to those of you mentioning Equus, that's bull. Equus proves nothing of Daniel's post-Potter career as he performed DURING Potter. Get your facts straight. ALL of you.)

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