Why do most Christians hate gay people so much? I mean there are maybe 2 or 3 anti-gay verses in the bible, but how many times does it say to love everyone? Like 2,000? amirite?

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I'm Christian I don't hate gays

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I'm also a christian and don't hate gays. It's stupid. Jesus wants us to love everyone. I don't see how those people can call themselves a Christian. It's more than accepting Jesus, it's also loving all of God's creations. You can't hate anything God created, then you'd hate yourself. And you have to love yourself to love God.
I don't associate with those Church going judgmental Christians. I don't need that negativity in my life.

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@jeskafaith I'm also a christian and don't hate gays. It's stupid. Jesus wants us to love everyone. I don't see how those...

@113005 I have a lot of respect for both of you. I'm glad that there are some cool Christians out there.

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The ignorance in this statement is not only saddening, but horribly false. If someone is "Christian", and says they hate gays, then they're not living how a Christian should. The stigma that Christians hate gays is so far off from what the truth is. If I say I'm a teacher, when I have no degree to back it up, and I proceed to tell people that 1 +1 = 11, that doesn't mean that some teachers think 1 + 1 = 11. Same for some "Christians". They claim to be one, when they have nothing and do nothing to back it up. Not trying to be offensive, but it's demeaning to me, and my many Christian friends, who don't hate gays whatsoever. I don't know one actual, true Christian who does hate gays.

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I think that it just depends on who you know. Probably about 70 percent of the Christians I know don't particularly like gay people. They don't flat out hate them, but they're uncomfratable around them and think that it's not natural and that it's weird. I'm definately not saying that all, or even most, Christians think this way, just most of the ones that I know.

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I grew up in a Christian society and almost everyone here hates gays. And they have no problem with openly bashing them or stating their views ("it's disgusting"). It's honestly a cultural taboo in Christian societies more than a religious one because most of them can't even point out a single verse against homosexuality. Its just been going on so long that they imagine it as part of their religion, and that makes me sad.

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Just saying my opinion. I'm a strong christian and my best friend in the world is bi. We're taught that homosexuality is a sin like any other. And Jesus said "let he who is without sin cast the first stone"
So the day I become perfect is the day I'll stop loving my best friend.

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@angels_001 Exactly. I don't understand why some sins are automatically worse than others.

It's true :)
Any sin is big enough to send you to hell. But no sin is so big that repentance can't cover it.

Don't blame God or Jesus for the Bible saying being gay is a sin. Also, don't use God as a reason to prohibit being gay. It's humans who wrote the Bible, not God, and all humans make mistakes. Only we have the right to fix our mistakes. I'm a Christian, yet I agree that being gay isn't wrong.

I mean, love is love right?

@Cuban_B "Supposedly" being the operative word.

I'm just stating that through a christian point of view (i'm not) god dictated the bible, so he would've dictated the parts that say being gay is bad too

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@stacilovesyou God supposedly dictated what to write though

Yes, but the stories in the bible were passed down for years solely by word of mouth. People didn't start writing them down for a long time, so imagine a huge game of Telephone being played for years. Plus, parts of the bible were written all over the place and in many different languages. For instance, the New Testament was written in Greek, and translating from Greek to another language can be extremely difficult at times because there weren't any spaces between words and some word have multiple meanings in other languages. So, you can be pretty sure that there are at least a few mistakes in the bible.

@stacilovesyou tl;dr

Is reading 5 sentences really all that difficult? All I was doing was trying to inform you of something.

What they said ^^^

My opinion would just be redundant.

I'm Christian and I don't hate gays. I also don't hate people who get abortions, get divorced, use foul language, murder, etc. I love every single person in the world, but that doesn't mean that I'm supportive of the sin. I don't think that gay marriage or abortion should be legal because I think it is helping them to stay away from sin.

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@angels_001 Is outlawing gay marriage going to bring more people to Christ?

I don't know the answer to that. I don't think anyone does.

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@I don't know the answer to that. I don't think anyone does.

So why fight so hard to make it illegal?

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disagreeing with what someone is doing is entirely different from hating them!

Not all Christians hate gays! It's a stupid stereotype. True Christians love everyone. Don't put that label on us all because a few people are crazy...

Christians aren't taught to hate gays. just that homosexuality is wrong..
"God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve."

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