A good way to reduce bullying in the future is to have beautiful people make babies with ugly people. The babies become average looking and you repeat. Eventually there will be no more ugly people, then no one can be made fun of. amirite?

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and then you create a world that has all the same looking people which is boring. And bullies also attack for homosexuality and beliefs and all that. I have put a hole in your logic and wish you a fine day sir. That is all

Another way this is flawed: that's not how genetics works.

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We should do the same with black and white people.

Straight and homosexual.

Wait... You're an idiot. :|

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Tell me this is a joke.

@karen_xoxo Tell me this is a joke.

read the section it was put into..

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What section? I'm on mobile and it doesn't show it.

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