It's really disgraceful when all the girls my age- twelve- wear tube tops and micro mini skirts, high heeled shoes and loudly talk on their cellphone, have lesbian relationships; and we go to a Christian Private All girl school. amirite?

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Uhhh I don't see what's so wrong with lesbian relationships.. even if you do go to a catholic school, lesbians have the right to be lesbians. At any age.

But yes. Everything else in this post is super rite.

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im 12 and yeah, i totally get what she's saying. Im totally cool with lesbians, but when all the popular girls start humping each other for fun, its just really inapropriate

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No wonder they're becoming lesbians if it's an all girls school.

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@Everyone saying that there's nothing wrong with lesbian relationships:

Well I think the OP's point is that they're 12. Lesbian relationships are okay (and I'm a Christian as well), but not when you're 12. Even a straight relationship shouldn't exist when you're 12. x)

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Lesbian relationships? Make them a few years older and sign me up.

Although I agree with everything else, and they're too young to be dating, there isn't anything wrong with lesbian relationships. God probably doesn't exist anyway, so calm down.

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Wow, there is a problem with them having a lesbian relationship, because they go to a Christian School making them hypocrites. It's annoying.

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@Wow, there is a problem with them having a lesbian relationship, because they go to a Christian School making them...

They wouldn't be hypocrite. I am a lesbian in a Catholic highschool. Do you think my parents let me choose where I go to school?

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can the 12 yr olds plz get off the site? this is an exception, but they usually make rly stupid posts and comments. :/

@You're just as bad - you could at least use proper grammar and spelling.

Fine, you want me to talk without abbreviations? Well, here you go. And please, get the balls to not be anonymous. Thanks.