It looks weird when people kiss and their lips are the only parts of their bodies making contact with eachother, amirite?

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This: Image in content
This: Image in content

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@Favvkes This:...

But we can't see the hands in the first picture. They could be touching. hello smilie

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@Favvkes This:...

Harry looks pasty as fuck in that pic un smilie

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Some weird circuit analysis you have eh?

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I think it only looks weird in a picture. If the people are actually moving it's not weird unless they're full on making out with only their lips touching.

@caylarose Well, have you watched the fifth Harry Potter? Harry and Cho look MAD awkward.

Harry just doesn't know how to kiss. Did you see where he kissed Ginny in number 6? Not only did they do it wrong, he also looked like a terrible kisser.

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