Sometimes I think that Dean and Seamus had a thing. I mean, think about it, it’s not like anyone else in their year would notice, hell, they could probably have had sex in the dorm while Harry, Ron, and Neville weren't there and no one would’ve noticed because Harry would have been angsting and Ron would have been thinking about banging Hermione and Neville would have been too caught up in a cloud of his own BAMFness to hear. They just made out all the time and fooled around a little once... amirite?

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they got older and held hands in the hallways and NO ONE NOTICED BECAUSE HARRY FUCKING POTTER WITH HIS TEENAGE EMOTIONS AND HETEROSEXUALITY OVERSHADOWED ALL THE GOOD TIMES. And after the Battle of Hogwarts was over and they’d fought side by side they got married and adopted a Pygmy Puff and they named it after Harry because they really are quite fond of Harry. Dean never lets Seamus cook. Sometimes they’ll laugh over that one time they broke up and Dean dated Ginny and giggle over the fact that now she’s boning the guy who never noticed their love, amirite?

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