If you were to hide Horcuxes, you wouldn't put them in places with meaning that could possibly clue others into finding the rest. You would hide them in random countries and in parking lots, amirite?

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"If I had a horcrux, I would drop it at the bottom of the ocean. Or I would put it in a pyramid with King Tut and all of his jewels. Or I would blast it into space with a monkey who knew nothing about horcruxes.” -Ron Weasley, AVPM

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I would sell my horcruxes at garage sales. Good luck tracking them down!

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Voldemort was way too arrogant to hide a piece of his own soul in a piece of junk. I guess that was one of his many flaws.

aabbccddees avatar aabbccddee Yeah You Are +18Reply

I'd make it a molecule of uranium. Good luck destroying that.

Make one of your enemy's allies into a horcrux = job done.

I'd make my horcrux something unimportant and then duplicate it a billion times
also i wouldn't tell people i made a horcrux

I would put it in a boss Zefron poster. No one would destroy that piece of beauty.

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I'd probably put it on a space shuttle or something. I'd be a wizard, I can do whatever I want.

I wold hide my horcruxes in the bottom of the ocean protected by some sharks. Also once you get close enough a poison would release into the water, killing everything in a mile radius.

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they would be immune.

The one I made is an empty pop can. I don't even know where it is any more.

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I would shovem in a bunghole.

I'd make horcruxes out of a rock, a stick, a nickle and a plastic bag. I'd sink the rock in the ocean somewhere, fly over a forest with my eyes closed and drop the stick, release the bag somewhere really windy, and spend the nickle. That way even I wouldn't know where any of them were.

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I would put a horcrux in a grain of sand.

I would hide my horcrux in the old, stinky, smelly sock that Uncle Vernon gave me...

Because Voldemort's too concerned with image to actually be smart about it. And why didn't he just keep on making more Horcruxes every time he killed somebody? They would never be able to keep up.

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Hiding horcruxes in parking lots? But if somebody drove over them? I'd bury them.

@Courage_Wolf Hiding horcruxes in parking lots? But if somebody drove over them? I'd bury them.

But it wouldn't break unless someone had basilisk venom all over their tires.

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