You'd be pretty pissed if somebody actually tried to pay you in gum after working all day, amirite?

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Unless it was like 10 packs an hour, for say a 10 hour day. Take the packs earned, sale for retail at like 1.50 each, sell all of them, earn $120. If that plan worked, I'd rather take the gum.

Only if it was something other than New Trident Layers!

search before you post, please.

@Katinthehat ..?

just by searching "pay me in gum" there were a bunch of post with pretty much the same idea. Please search before you post to prevent reposts.

I love gum, so I would see no problem in being paid with trident layers. Anything else and I would have a bitch fit until I got trident layers. Yes, it's that good.

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