living in the country is better than living in the city. amirite?

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They both have advantages and disadvantages. Also it depends on the type of person you are.

Living at the outer part of the city is awesome, I think. Feels like nothing is far away from the place I live. :)

I just hate the ignorant rednecks who live out in the country. There's plenty of those where I live and I've had enough of their bullshit to last a lifetime.

I prefer the country because I think it's much prettier, and I can't stand living around that many people. But I'm majorly introverted, so I see why this post has a negative rating.

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Depends. Living in the country can be annoying and awesome.

I'm in between. My grandma lives in the country, but she's only 10 miles away from town. I wouldn't mind living there. My grandpa lives in the country out in the middle of no where like an hour away from town. I guess I wouldn't mind living there since it's pretty much my second home, but I'm just giving examples.

The Irish country is different to the American country. We have green fields, abandoned farmhouses and huge forests

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I hate living in the country. It's boring as fuck.
The nearest 'city' is only 68,000 people and that's fucking tiny. Absolutely nothing to do.
All the stores here suck too. No H&Ms in South Dakota. ):

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There's nothing to do in the country. It's just wide open space and a lot of rednecks.

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Hell no I like living in a city, I want to move to a bigger one.

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