You don't necessarily believe in karma, but you believe in "What goes around, comes around.", amirite?

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I don't believe in believing in things, but I believe in accepting things I find to be true and realizing that they are so.

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But isn't that what karma is?

@im_good_nope_im_god But isn't that what karma is?

Karma is a Buddhist belief and I'm not a Buddhist.

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@im_good_nope_im_god But isn't that what karma is?

No. Karma is what you build up in this life to carry on whith you into the next one (that's as simple as I can make it). There is no bad karma. And like someone said, it's a Buddhist belief.

@im_good_nope_im_god Well, I guess I learned something today

I took an intro to world religions course, so I really just know the basics (I think it's pretty interesting though).

I believe in "what goes around, goes around and around."

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