Sometimes, it's ok to do nothing on a Friday or Saturday night but chill, amirite?

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thank u! and ppl say u have no life when u do that. gawd. loserz

Nesss avatar Ness Yeah You Are +2Reply
@fatima you people you you God losers Phew.


it makes you feel important to act like a little cunt and correct someone's casual post on amirite, i guess?!

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i know, they think its lame to chill!!

weazils avatar weazil Yeah You Are +2Reply

Especialy when a new video game comes out. Or a shit work week, some times you're lucky enough that the prior happens at the same time as the latter.

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It's Friday night right now, and I'm just chilling watching some TV and on facebook. I was invited to go watch some fireworks, but I just can't be bothered haha.

Kaitlyns avatar Kaitlyn Yeah You Are 0Reply

that's all i ever do...

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