We all like girls in some way wether it be sexual or friendly but somtimes its hard for girls to like guy :( y cant the girls like us all the time, amirite?

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Usually if a guy is a girl's friend it's because she wants him to be just that. Girls don't want a douchebag. They want a guy that's good-looking but hasnt been in every girls pants. (I'm a girl btw)

because they always want attractive douchbag assholes. sorry, Im venting

Its fine lol but im not one of thoes assholes and i hate guys somtimes 2 there all douch bags even tho im one i respect girls im not a jock lol thts why alot of girls like me cuz im not an ass

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Nobody liked everyone all the time. Guys don't like everyone (including girls) so why would girls like guys all the time? That doesn't make any sense.

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