If you are close to a five year old, really listen to what they have to say; because often times, the things they say and questions they ask can be ingenious and deep, without meaning to. Amirite?

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"I have to poop." - My 5 year old cousin.

@Dameequa "I have to poop." - My 5 year old cousin.

Oh, my. That was so...so...excuse me for a moment, I need to collect myself, that just...that got to me. It really did.

"I like my dad and I like my doll and I like my dad and I like my poop."
I heard a girl around 4 or 5 singing this in a bathroom stall.

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They're the only people who know how to tell the truth.

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When I was five I was singing song from the Little Mermaid and getting in trouble for saying "Girls go to college to get more knowledge, boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider," and I was already pretending like I liked my Christmas gifts when I didn't. I don't know what kind of five year old you were...

"Well, maybe the boy LIKED being flushed down the toilet!"
-My little cousin, to me, during an increasingly elaborate game of let's pretend. There were also some butterfly undertakers involved, and Voldemort.

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One time a 7 year old told me that Justin Bieber used to have warts on his face before he used Proactiv.

Little boy: "Mommy, I can't eat anymore! I ate a lot yesterday, and the food's up to my head! If I eat more, my head will explode!" His twin brother: "Nu uh! 'Cause your brain's in your head!"

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