The person who invented the ironing board must have been pretty convincing: "Yeah I wanna have a surfboard shaped device held up by two criss-crossing poles, the center of gravity being precariously high so the slightest nudge would be sure to topple it. Then on top of it goes a big hot metal thing with water the temperature of lava oozing out the sides, dripping off for burn wounds. I want the sheer weight to cause blunt force trauma and to come to a point for puncture wounds." amirite?

Brian Regan - Ironing Board - YouTubeHilarious!! From the "I Walked On The Moon" standup.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bVblNA3drM
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"That seems a little unsafe for adults..." "I'm not finished, I want a cord coming down so you get the toddlers involved."


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@disasterinajar BRIAN REGAN

I feel like everyone knows who that is

@disasterinajar BRIAN REGAN

haha I feel like no one knows who that is

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