When parents congratulate their kid on graduating high school, it's like really?? isn't it assumed I would at least make it this far, amirite?

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Just because it's assumed doesn't mean recognition isn't in order.
It's more of a, "Congratulations! You just finished a chapter of your life that has lasted twelve years!"
I mean, it would kind of suck if you spent twelve years worth of time and energy trying to get through school and when you finally finished your parents were just like, "Oh. Well. Of course you finished high school." It's nice to have some recognition for the hard work.

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Since I went to preschool as well as kindergarten, when I graduate I will have been in school for 14 of my 18 years.
Basically, this means I can't even remember my life before school.

I better get some damn congratulations.

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I think it's more like, "Congratulations! You just survived 12 years filled with homework, essays, and classes! Good job!"

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There is only about a 75% graduation rate where I live, and it is far lower in some places.

Not everyone graduates though, you have to work pretty hard and pass all your classes.

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you must be really smart. i'm in public school, and i tried hard and failed my math class, and nearly failed science.

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