It would be impossible to end discrimination without creating a world where everyone is exactly the same. Humans are hardwired to fear and hate that which is different, and so we will always find the littlest things to discriminate against. Therefore, movements to end discrimination simply push the focus of extremist groups onto another minority in a seemingly endless cycle. Even when most people have learned to accept each other, there will always be groups whose purpose is to spread hate. amirite?

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We can't stop discrimination, but every attempt is well needed. Without those "movements" that "push extremism", there'd still be drinking fountains labeled "white" and "colored" and no suffrage for groups like women or minorities.

Now that's what I call a fucking POTD!

inb4 "tl;dr"

I believe that discrimination is an instinct, but certainly not one we cannot overcome. If people are properly educated, then they, with enough maturity, can escape the primal notions that may have once gripped others

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I read that book in 7th grade and sometimes I still sit here pondering the ending.

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Everyone else hated that book. I thought it was amazing

I wouldn't say they're hardwired to hate. Fear, I can see. But hate is spread by people who need scapegoats (like now with all the hate against undocumented immigrants). Or people who purposely divide others into different social groups using preferential treatment, thus maintaining their own high social status. The Africans who were transported to Colonial America were bound to involuntary servitude for life, while the white servants only had to work enough to pay off their debt acquired from transportation/housing. Why was it like this? To prevent revolts. This action caused the white servants to have a higher social status than the slaves, and this division prevented the black and white servants from uniting against the people who owned the land. It's all about power and control.

so very reminded of the plot of Tales of Symphonia...

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If we can get to the point where the hate groups are simply that, groups, it'd be a success. A group that no one respects and everyone realizes is completely ridiculous.

That reminds me of that Fairly Odd Parents episode where Timmy made everyone look the same, but people still thought they were better than everyone else and still discriminated.

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I'd say that people are born not understanding differences, but the proper education and parenting can show kids that differences aren't something to hate. I'm not saying we'll eliminate discrimination, but we can try, and it's all worthwhile.

@steelerman113 I'd say that people are born not understanding differences, but the proper education and parenting can show kids...

I think that people are born not seeing differences. As children, did we discriminate based on skin color or age or social status? No; these are ideas taught by society. But yes, the proper education and parenting can definitely help change that

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@Chewbanshee Utopia!

I have no recollection of ever posting this comment......

Screw you and your simple minded conformist ways of thinking, open minded people have a right to reject your perspective. You people will never solve anything grounded with this conformist-society way of thinking. Einstein said "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." You complain about fear but you yet promote total fear and total control. Only way to solve fear is by diversification. Things will not get better until everyone becomes aware that they are unique and respected for who they are. Stop being afraid of new experiences. The system has tricked you into believing you're not special. You just want to keep living a life behind a mask and say everything people want you say. Any shit brain can do it and at the end of the line your life is meaningless if you didn't change anything. You want love in the world, then promote creativity and not total control which is a byproduct of total fear. Stop being afraid.

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