the religious argument against euthanasia doesn't make sense: If only God has the right to take a life away, then how come we have the right to take God's right away by keeping people on life support after they would have died naturally? amirite?

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She didn't say God alone has control of life and death.
Or any of the other stuff at the beginning...

She said if God really wanted someone to die, he could probably kill them whether they were on life support or not.


that objection makes more problems for you than it's worth. So you're saying that all the people who suffer disease, injury, etc and then recover from near death were never supposed to die in the first place? God put them through that experience just to test them, or because he has a greater plan, or what? What about in ancient times when the life expectancy was around 40? Did God want people to die at that young age? And now in modern times is God relying on human medicine to save people? What about those who don't have access, is this a divine punishment where God wishes them to die?

Probably better not to open the whole can or worms of arguing that God alone has control over life and death

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I would suggest a less complicated view. Yes, God is all powerful, but having power doesn't mean He has to use it. God does not use his power to micro-manage the world's affairs because He sees the value of human free will and knows that the only way we can truly love Him is by choice. And as for God "having a plan", I think it means that God has given all people certain skills and assets that can be used for his good work, but that man's own choices can either allow the potentials to be realized or not

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If you're looking for a simple answer, you are not gonna find one. Christianity in itself is not a simple concept, so nothing about it will ever be black and white or have an absolute solid answer.


But what if God says someone is going to live? Can we stop that?
I don't mean live as in beat some illness with terrible odds against them. I mean a person trying to kill another person.
Can we put the lives of others in the hands of humans without God getting a say in what happens?


That makes absolutely no sense to me...


You see, I feel as if saying humans can't grasp it is nothing more than a cop out. If God wants someone to live and God is as powerful as everyone says He is, the fact that we have free will should not make us able to kill that person, yet we can.
Either God controls all and we have no free will or God controls nothing and we do have free will. He can't have it both ways. Unless our free will is just an illusion, I would say God isn't as powerful as everyone makes Him out to be.


Free will- deeper than just the ability to choose; more like to choose to cooperate with the will of God. Keep that in mind.

The divine intervention would be more of an epiphany that the murderer experiences before actually committing the murder. He can either choose to accept this new state of mind and not kill the dude or he just ignore it and carry on with what he was doing. That would be the free will factor.

The will of God would be for the person to live.

If he ignored the intervention, but God's will was to have the man survive, then the murderer would shoot the man, but the bullet would miss some artery or something and the guy survives.

Free will: The murderer chose, but he was not prevented necessarily (the gun mysteriously flew up into the air and disappeared)...he just failed, and the man faces the consequences for going against the will of God.

By the way, I'm not saying I necessarily believe this, I'm just stating what Christians would believe.

Also, human reason is just the foundation of what humans are capable of knowing. This can be elevated through accepting grace from God, etc. So, it's beyond the reach of natural, human reason, but not impossible to know.


Well, God gave us free will and the ability to choose between right and wrong, so yes, a human could choose to kill another human.

On the other hand, if God had a reason for the victim to live, there would probably be some sort of divine intervention in order to prevent the murder.


Divine intervention tends to be beyond the grasp of human reason.


What if God wants a person to live, and after failing the attempted murderer tries again and again. Would he fail every time?
Because unless the person has security guards or something, the killer will succeed.
There are just too many holes in Christian logic. I can understand believing in God, but believing He knows all and controls all while still allowing us to have free will is beyond crazy.
All humans have the same reasoning. I believe that the Christian God was created by man to be this confusing. That way people could just toss around the phrase "God's will" and no one would question it.
Maybe I'm just being too critical...


What I get from that is "God is up to interpretation by the individual."
Mostly because everyone gives me different answers about what God is or what He does. Your answer, though still not simple to say the very least, make the most sense.

This post is saying two different things. Not putting someone on life support is the not the same as euthanizing them. Euthanization directly kills them, not putting them on life support lets nature take its course.

@UmmmmUmUmUmUmmmmmmm This post is saying two different things. Not putting someone on life support is the not the same as euthanizing...

There are a lot of forms of euthanasia proposals, some that deem it as refusing life support but not pain killers and such.

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Life support isn't a guarantee. Conditions usually have to be fairly specific for it to work.

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