Even if you're not suicidal, at least once you've thought about how you'd kill yourself and how everybody in your life you react, amirite?

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I would jack off A LOT. Once I was able to fill an entire kiddie pool with semen, I would drown myself in my own sperm. Noone would be mad at me because they would all be smiling, shaking their heads and saying "What a BAMF."

I think about my friends first. If I had no family, seriously, I could leave all of my friends behind.
But that would crush my mom's heart and I couldn't go without seeing my nephew ever again. And those two things keep me going.

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and then I start crying.
but anyway, how I want to die: self-combusting while inside the torch of the Statue of Liberty. And have my flaming body light the torch.

I'm a freak, but If I die, I want it to be either really romantic or meaningful or important. Like, sacrificing myself to save a bajillion people. (Example: Taking a bomb from a crowded area and running off to a non-crowded area and having it only blow me up, or be in a plane that's about to crash into a heavily populated place and steering it so we crash into no one.)

And I want this song played at my funeral:
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That may be one of the most depressing things I've ever read (cry2)

I realized I could never do it for fear of feeling pain.

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