"He broke my heart I broke his xbox <3 :))" ...Right. Things like this are probably why he broke up with you in the first place, amirite?

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I broke her heart. She broke my Xbox. I take her to a small claims court. I win money from her. I buy a new Xbox. I use the money to buy a billboard with her worst picture on it that says "You shouldn't break people's shit because you're mad at them" .

I broke her heart, she broke my xbox, I broke her face <3 :) <-not double chinning it

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At first I thought he broke up with her because she uses double smileys and pointless hearts.. Then I realised its cuz she broke his Xbox.

destruction of property you say.

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I don't really get the joke. explain?

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Yeah, if she thought my PS3 was an Xbox I'd be sure that i'd break up with her.

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