In theory, the US mint could print a several-trillion-dollar bill and pay off that debt, amirite?

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Because that worked so well for Germany.

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I thought they used an oven! Oh, wait... that's that other thing.


We could always warm them in the microwave.....
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Okay, I'm fourteen; I'm young and stupid and don't know jack shit about how this economy functions, but even I know it doesn't work like that.

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No. Putting more money into circulation decreases the value of your money.

@Ram27 OP said one, singular, multi-trillion dollar bill.

It's the combined value of the money, not the amount of bills.

If that could work, don't you think someone would have thought of that by now?

What a WONDERFUL idea! One which has NO downsides whatsoever

That is what you call inflation. Being that there would be more money available in circulation, the value of the US dollar would go down.


If the Gov't does it secretly, yeah, it'll work.

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I now so want to pay for a bottle of Coke with a several-trillion-dollar bill.

Before anyone says anything about money being backed up by gold like in every other one of these posts: we don't do that anymore.

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In theory, yes. In reality... shakes head disapprovingly

Someone failed Econ.

I think not too many years ago we had enough money to cover our debt, it was only recently that it grew.

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"In theory". Don't you mean, "On paper"?

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In theory, yes, they could. It is theoretically possible. The negative repercussions of it would be drastic and enormous and bad, but it is theoretically possible. They do have the power to do that. But it would be bad.

It's sad how 95 people agreed.

No, it would work perfectly if we could convince our debtors to accept it.

I think this is trying to be ironic? I think? That's what the states have been doing for years, so why not more of the same? Out of money? Make more! jk lolz.

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The problem with that idea is that Mexicans/unemployed people will spend all that money on unimportant items, because they don't have enough education to know any better. For every dollar we print, we'll just go $2 more in debt, and then we'll run out of trees to print money with. We'll have to buy money from Iraq/Iran, further fucking our economy. Or I suppose we could steal the money from them, but then that would extend our war efforts over there, which probably costs more money than we could recoup from it. And we're too pussy to go with the smart option, which would be to just nuke them so we could grab their resources. We won't be able to get out of the recession until every Mexican is gone and every person is back working.

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@The problem with that idea is that Mexicans/unemployed people will spend all that money on unimportant items...

The Truth? Is that you?

Also, though this is hardly the only think wrong with what you said, if we ran out of trees (printing money being the least of our worries should that happen) then we could just print money on something else, like plastic.

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@The problem with that idea is that Mexicans/unemployed people will spend all that money on unimportant items...

Mexicans are way smarter than Americans, at least economically. They work harder, for less, and don't indulgently overspend. Americans spend money on unimportant items, definitely not Mexicans. And now I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume you were serious and didn't actually know this: If we nuked the Middle East, it would be a nuclear wasteland, and there would be no resources.

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