If she looks 14, she's really 12, amirite?

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If she's DRESSED like she's 14, she's really 8. And a slut.

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If she says she's 18 and looks 20, she is probably 16. If she says she's 16 and looks 16 she is probably 14.

Also: She's probably F.B.I or a gay pedophile until proven otherwise in a court of internetz.

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If she looks 18, she's really 14.

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Wait! i look 12! how old does that make to to society?

Sometimes when I can see inside a car when I walk, I wonder how that girl is driving, since she look way too young... like 13

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not always true.... i'm 20 and i look 16...

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I'm 15, I look like I'm around 12 or 13.

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I'm 13, and look like I'm 13.

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