Can you imagine if you went to the doctors and you had a sore throat, and he asked you what the problem was, and you suddenly turned into Eminem. “I CAN’T TELL YOU WHAT IT REALLY IS, I CAN ONLY TELL YOU WHAT IT FEELS LIKE. AND RIGHT NOW IT FEELS LIKE THERE’S A STEEL KNIFE IN MY WINDPIPE.”, amirite?

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I thought you were going to go in a completely different direction. Doctors always try and act professional, even when they have to look at you naked or ask about your sex life. That's why it's hilarious to try and make them act unprofessional. Example,
you: "my throat hurts"
doctor: "do you have any idea why?"
you: "it was probably the twelve inch dildo I deepthroated for this guy who gave me $20 last night"

just imagine their reaction!

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This pretty much made my night.

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So why are you here in prison? I TIED SOMEONE TO THE BED AND SET MY HOUSE ON FIRE!

this made me laugh, hahahaha

Haha the complete randomness of this post is brilliant

I always thought the lyrics went, "it feels like it's still night in my windpipes."
hmm smilie
d smilie

"Can you imagine if...amirite?" Makes no sense.

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